The needs of the UCSB Sailing Team are great.  Read on for a list of past, current and future goals.

You can make a difference. The University of California, Santa Barbara is non-profit institution and the UCSB Sailing team is funded by the university, student dues, fundraising, and help from people like you.


Give a Charitable Gift

Your charitable gift allows the UCSB Sailing Team to travel to competitions, update equipment, pay for coaching staff, and support general operational costs. You may also elect to have your gift go towards one of our current fundraising campaigns. UCSB is a non-profit organization and gifts may be tax deductible.

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*It is the policy of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the UC Santa Barbara Foundation that a modest portion of gifts and/or the income from gifts may be used to defray the costs of raising and administering funds, currently 6%.

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*11% of online donations are taken to offset university administrative costs.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about UCSB Sailing and the good things we're doing! There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.  

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Current Campaign Goals

Gifts can go to any of these current of future campaign goals

  • Dolly Replacement Campaign - $4,462.50
    • Replacing 10 dollies at a price of $446.25 each
  • Boat Cover Campaign - $7,425.00
    • 15 new boat top covers to lengthen fleet life span
  • Racing Sail Campaign - $4,800.00
    • 12 new sets of racing sails
  • General Operational Budget
    • Staffing, dock rent, repairs, and travel are all part of our annual operational budget

Future Campaign Goals

  • Gaucho Sailing Endowment - A fund to support Gaucho excellence in perpetuity
  • Boating Facility Replacement Campaign 
    • Replacing an aged and deteriorating sailing facility

Past Campaign Goals

  • 2012 Ramp Replacement Campaign ($30,000) - Complete!
  • 2013 New Whaler Campaign ($15,423) - Complete!
  • 2013 Laser Racks / Dock Refurbishment ($2000) - Complete! 
  • 2014 New Practice Sails ($8332) - Complete!
  • 2015 Travel to National Championship ($5000) - Complete!
  • 2016 Fleet Replacement Campaign - $87,556.68 (Completed!)
    • Replaced 12 aged FJ's at a price of $7,296.39 each